Carrying the world on your shoulders...?


1. Babybjorn Baby Carrier One - a 4 way front or back carrier, perfect for young babies and lasts up to 3 years. Padded shoulder straps for your comfort and wide leg positioning for your baby's comfort. Buy it here.

2. Ergobaby 360 - similar to the babybjorn above, this carrier is very versatile in its positioning and lasts until your baby is toddling. Buy it here.

3. Little Life Ranger baby backpack - if you are an everyday dog walking kind of mum, you may start to feel the strain in your shoulders with a fabric carrier. This backpack puts all the baby's weight on your hips and is super light. Plus your baby will enjoy being up high with a perfect view of the world. Buy it here.

4. Wallaboo baby sling - this is a lovely snuggly sling if you like to have your little one close to you (and you can use it from a very young age).  Buy it here.