'Appy days...


1. Feed Baby - Helps you keep track of everything baby related including feeding times & duration, which breast you last fed from, nap times, nappy changes & contents as well as baby's weight, length, head circumference and other stats. R was addicted to this app in the first few months when she didn't know her own name let alone the exact time when Theo last fed.

2. Sound Sleeper - plays a range of white noise tracks to help your baby sleep. Great for 0-3 month olds who are still pretty tuned in to the noises of the womb.

3. Baby Beat - for during pregnancy - allows you to listen to your baby's fetal heartbeat.

4. Little Firsts - a great photograph app for capturing and sharing all the milestones, development and fun your little one goes through. Visit www.littlefirsts.com for more info and how to download.  Tiny Beans is a good alternative.

5. Free Prints - not really a baby app but let's all admit we take squillions of pictures of our babies and this app lets you order prints for free (you only pay for delivery) each month directly from your mobile phone.

6. The Wonder Weeks - tells you what your baby is going through at different stages, what to expect from them and how to stimulate them.

7. British Red Cross First Aid for babies - excellent in case of emergencies but also as a refresher (CPR and choking first aid is different for babies so it is worth taking a course and using this app as back up).

8. NCT Babychange app - shows you the way to the nearest baby changing facilities.  No more changing baby on the cafe floor!

9. Baby Monitor Apps - there are several e.g. iSitter Baby Monitor, Cloud Baby Monitor.  You need two iOS devices and the app transforms them into a camera and a monitor.

10. BurP - the founders describe it as a 'Tinder' for mums. A network of local parents to meet up with, and a place to share tips and get deals on parenting products. Launching soon.