our nct buddies stick together through thick and thin...  


1.  You realise that everything you are going through is NORMAL.  

2. You have a group of heavily pregnant women to meet up with when you're all waiting for baby's arrival (it gets so booooring).

3. You are all genuinely excited for each other when the babies are born and names are declared.  (No duplicates, phew).

4. You can share your traumatic birth stories and discuss whether your stomachs and vaginas will ever recover.

5. Coffees / long walks / playdates.   We'd like to add champagne and cocktails but that's more a dream than a reality.

6. Sympathy.  My baby had a tantrum in the supermarket / threw up all over me / pooped everywhere in the doctors surgery / screamed for five hours in the car.  It becomes a bit more bearable when you share it with sympathetic mums who help you see the funny side.

7. Support.  You get loads of support when you decide to get fit, start the diet, or go back to work.  And you get loads of support when you give up getting fit, eat lots of cake, and decide not to go back to work.  Thanks girls :)

8. Information.  You learn so much from each other about feeding, sleeping, and caring for baby.   

9. You get a whole group of babies to love.  Look at our lovely NCT babies at 3 months in the picture below, totally bemused by eight mums trying (and failing) to make them laugh..

10. You will hopefully learn some useful tips in the class!

Both the NHS and NCT run antenatal classes, but you can also meet other parents through post-natal classes and through parent/baby groups.  


NCT babies 3 months

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