it is 3am.  it is the third time you have been up since going to bed.  don't lose your sanity... prop your eyelids up with matchsticks and get some middle of the night entertainment


1.  Set up a WhatsApp group with any other parents you know with babies the same age.   Chances are one or more of them will be up for some 3am tired mummy chat.

2. Check out the mummy blogs.  We love love love The Unmumsy Mum, a highly entertaining, down to earth mum 'documenting the sh!ts and giggles'.  Also take a look at A Baby and A Blonde.  Both of these bloggers also have great books.  You are not alone.

3. Parenting website for imperfect parents Scary Mommy has loads to browse and a 'confessional' where readers post their confessions.

4. Watch TED talks.   Inspiring 18 minute talks on a variety of subjects (including several on how amazing babies are).  Download the top ten most watched onto your phone for some quick night time watching.

5. Browse It's really great :)